Keila-Joa Loss Schloss Fall: muuseum, butiikhotell & restoran

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Orthodox Singers concert “Christmas in aristocracy manor”

The concert program includes music from Orthodox monasteries and beautiful Christmas carols. The ensemble performs ancient Russian, Greek, as well as very rare 4th century Syrian Christmas music performed in Aramaic (the language of Jesus Christ). At the concert you can also listen to the spiritual creations of contemporary composers, including Estonian composers, and Christmas folk songs.

The Orthodox Singers ensemble, which consists of professional musicians, has been active for more than 31 years. Their repertoire consists mainly of early Orthodox church songs, but in recent years they have enriched it with works by contemporary Estonian and Russian composers that follow ancient Orthodox traditions. The ensemble’s manner of performance is characterized by complete immersion in every word of scripture, impeccable vocal technique and sense of style. Critics have repeatedly highlighted the ensemble’s supernatural ability to maintain the unity of form during performance, while at the same time achieving an extremely dynamic piano, best described by the phrase “sound melts”. The ensemble consists of professional musicians and is dedicated to Orthodox church singing, which can rarely be heard in the concert hall. The ensemble’s creator, conductor and artistic director is Valeri Petrov, who has received the prestigious annual award of the Estonian Cultural Endowment’s Sound Art Endowment this year.

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Christmas Music Festival “The story of one singer”

Evelin Samuel-Randvere (vocals), Johan Randvere (piano)

In the enchantment of the sacred splendor of the historic manor house, Evelin Samuel’s journey to grow into a singer unfolds. Little Evelin knew when she was five that she wanted to become a singer. How it started in the beginning, how it started to go well and very well, how the first meeting with Jaak Joala was, how the artist named Samuel was especially received in Israel at Eurovision, etc., and so on. Brilliant musicians talk about it all in a cozy and fun way, accompanied by beautiful music. The plan is especially suitable for the beginning of the year, where the whole year and everything is still ahead.

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Concert Orthodox Singers

Beautiful music from Orthodox Singers at Schloss Fall Historical Music Hall in Keila-Joa Castle

The singers of ORTHODOX SINGERS are professional musicians who are familiar with and use the techniques of performance that are characteristic of different eras. The performance schedule of the band is full of concerts and concert tours both in Estonia and abroad. Artistic director and conductor Valeri Petrov.

One of the most well-known and professional choir ensemble “Orthodox Singers”, led by Valery Petrov, invites you to the Christmas atmosphere of the 19th century Benckendorff-Volkonsk manor.

The ensemble performs the most beautiful Christmas songs from different countries and other top works of Orthodox music.

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