Keila-Joa Loss Schloss Fall: muuseum, butiikhotell & restoran

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Castle Halls

Already in the 19th century, concerts and festive gatherings were often organized in Keila-Joa Castle halls. Many famous political and public figures from across Europe have had the delight to enjoy the magic of these Neo-Gothic castle halls.

Keila-Joa castle Schloss Fall has total of six halls, each of them has its own meaning and function.
On the first floor there is the Fireplace room and the Statue hall, where concerts, salon music evenings and gala dinners are frequentlyheld. The original dining hall is now open as an à la carte restaurant Schloss Fall.
In the basement level of the castle, there is a museum and exhibition hall.

Castle halls can be booked and used for many different occasions. The castle halls are perfect for weddings, banquets, receptions, seminars, concerts, and also for smaller get-togethers.

The size and capacity of the castle’s premises


Plan of the first floor of the castle

The wedding-, event- and reception package price includes the furniture arrangement according to the nature of the event and the customer’s wishes. For seminars, the room is equipped with paper, pens and a flip chart. Additional furniture and textiles, as well as additional equipment is available for a surcharge. The exact use of facilities depends on the nature of the event and its hours.

Manor House seminar room and lobby

Manor House is a building located next to the main building of Keila-Joa Castle with a seminar room and 2 luxury suites and 14 deluxe rooms. The Manor House was completed in the late autumn of 2020. The seminar room and lobby are ideal for smaller events and seminars.

Reception Hall

When entering through the main entrance of the castle, the visitor first steps in the historic Vase Hall. The hall got its name after a two-metre jasper vase, that was made in the famous Kolyvan factory in 1786 and gifted to Count Benckendorff by Tsar Nicholas I. individually. Today the hall is called the reception hall, where guests arriving to the hotel and the restaurant Schloss Fall are welcomed daily. The guided castle tour also starts here. In addition to the traditional interior design there is usually some kind of special exhibition in the reception hall. If you are having an event in our castle, the reception hall is a perfect place to greet your guests, offer welcome refreshments and snacks.

The Statue Hall

The Statue Halls historic name is The Music hall. According to the legend, the Russian musician Aleksey Lvov, who was the author of the imperial Russian national anthem, “God Save the Tsar!”, played the anthem for the Tsar on 27th of May 1833 for the first time right here in Keila-Joa Castle Statue hall. The luxurious interior of the statue hall allows to organize dream weddings, beautiful concerts, and other festive events. In the statue hall it is also possible to host theatre-style seminars, as well as, offer buffet catering.

Hall capacity: theatre-style 40 seats, banquet- style 30 seats and salon-style tables of four 32 seats.

The Fireplace Hall

The luxurious fireplace hall has an enchanting view of the castle park. In summer, the fireplace hall leads to a large sunny terrace, where you can enjoy the scenic views of the waterfall and the Keila river. Due to the versatility of its interior, the fireplace hall can be used for very different events. During big birthdays and weddings, we recommend to use the fireplace hall for dancing. By placing additional chairs in the hall, it is possible to organize seminars, concerts, salon evenings, banquets and other festive events.

Hall capacity: theatre/seminar style 100 seats, salon-style tables of four 32 seats. Salon evening style, where guests sit on comfortable chairs and couches enjoying coffee and tea, it is possible to accommodate up to 40 guests.

Dining Hall / Restaurant Schloss Fall

As the name indicates, it is a room where you can enjoy culinary excellence. The restaurant caters all the events taking place in the castle.

Schloss Fall capacity: for private dining, the restaurant can accommodate up to 70 visitors. The exact number of people and the arrangement of tables and chairs is agreed on with the client, according to the nature of the event and the wishes of the customer.

Benckendorff’s Cabinet

The former owner of the castle, Alexander von Benckendorff, has hosted both the emperor and the imperial family members as well as aristocrats in this room. Today it is possible to enjoy the beautiful view of Keila Waterfall, and take a moment for yourself to feel the spirit of the castle here. The Tower room, or historically the Ammunition room, is located next to the cabinet. It is a pleasantly quiet place to take time out or have a nice rest.

The Wine Room

The wine room is located on the basement level, and before visiting the museum, you can enjoy the surroundings in the castle’s wine room. Historically, this room was not in the castle. The basement level was built during the renovation of the castle. The room has a large table with comfortable armchairs, which provides an excellent opportunity to organize a private business meeting or a cozy coffee break. If you wish, it is possible to enjoy a private lunch or dinner here, based on the restaurant Schloss Falls menu. Next to it, there is the castle’s wine cellar with an impressive collection of wines.

Room capacity: up to 6 guests.

Museum and Exhibition Hall

The museum and exhibition hall, which is located on the basement level, consists of two interconnected halls. The permanent exposition of the museum hall is the history of Keila-Joa Castle and the family-tree of the castle’s original owners, as well as the unique anthem museum. In addition to the permanent exposition, the exhibition hall has constantly changing art exhibitions. The museum and exhibition hall is perfectly suited for festive receptions or for theater-style seminars / trainings.

Rooms capacity: up to 70 guest for a banquet-style reception or up to 30 guests for a theater-style seminar / training.

Booking the entire castle

Description: The price for the entire castle includes all the first floor halls, including the statue hall, the fireplace hall, the Benkendorff’s cabinet, the restaurant Schloss Fall and the 5 luxurious suites on the second floor and the small manor house 2 suites and 14 delux rooms. During the summer, a large outdoor terrace with access to the fireplace hall is also included in the place.

Open-air Events

The castle’s courtyard offers several opportunities for organizing different bigger events. Party tents can accommodate up to 150 guests. The courtyard is also very suitable for arranging open air concerts. We can set up a stage and chairs for a concert or performance and accommodate up to 500 guests.