Keila-Joa Loss Schloss Fall: muuseum, butiikhotell & restoran

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Marriage registration and the wedding day are some of the most important events in a person's life. Every young couple dreams of a fabulous wedding day. A day, where every detail has meaning and every moment is special and memorable.
A ruumike conference room and event space for a maximum of 350 people. It is easily divided into three sections for smaller meetings, workshops or receptions. Extras include five booths for simultaneous interpretation, and an exhibition area.
Wedding in Keila-Joa Castle – the most beautiful and memorable moment of life.
Check out a wonderful wedding in Keila-Joa Castle HERE.

Iga hästi õnnestunud ja meeldejääva pulmapeo üheks eelduseks on selle piduliku sündmuse toimumiskoht. Vaevalt leidub pruutpaari, kes ei unistaks pulmadest romantilises lossis! Keila-Joa Schloss Fall on oma asukoha, unikaalse arhitektuuri ja kaunilt taastatud ajalooliste interjööridega selleks justkui loodud.
One of the prerequisites for every successful and memorable wedding party is the venue. There is hardly a couple who wouldn't dream of a wedding in a romantic castle! Keila-Joa Schloss Fall, with its location, unique architecture and beautifully restored historic interiors is made for weddings. So that every detail and event on that important day would be perfect, we recommend booking the entire castle: the couple can greet the guests at the reception hall, the ceremony at the statue hall, the festive and delicious dinner from the restaurant Cher Ami at the dining hall, the first dance and later festivities in the large fireplace hall! In addition, the special wedding night in one of the castle's luxurious suites. The parents of the bridal couple can also feel special by spending the night after the party at the castle. During the summertime, it is possible to plan some of the activities either on the castle's terrace or on the castle's courtyard, where we can install a party tent upon request.

Dear bridal couple – you are welcome to visit the Keila-Joa Castle before planning the most important day of your life. We will listen to your wishes and opportunities and offer you the best solutions. If necessary, we can suggest a wedding planner and a personalized service for your wedding day.
We will do our best to make the most important day of your life in Keila-Joa Schloss Fall Castle very special and memorable.