Keila-Joa Loss Schloss Fall: muuseum, butiikhotell & restoran

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From 2014 the castle museum and exhibition hall in the basement level of Keila-Joa Castle was opened for visitors. The museum’s permanent exhibition mainly consists of pieces introducing Keila-Joa Schloss Fall Castle history and its first owners: the Baltic German, Russian military officer and statesman, Count Konstantin Alexander Karl Wilhelm Christoph von Benckendorff (1781-1844), and Duke Grigory Petrovich Volkonsky, who was married to his daughter Maria. Next to this, there is a unique exhibition of the world anthems, which gives an excellent overview of the various national anthems, and their composers. The museum exhibits in the exhibition hall are continuously updated and they offer something to discover year-round.

Guests have access to diverse, carefully thought-through exhibitions that reflect different cultures, eras, art forms and seasonal exhibitions.

If booked ahead, we organize tours in the Keila-Joa Castle and the courtyard for groups and individuals in various foreign languages. The length and the focus of the tours varies and can be adjusted to your needs.

Eriolukorra informatsioon

Keila-Joa loss ning lossi restoran Cher Ami on ajutiselt suletud kuni 1.maini 2020.
Lisainfo saamiseks palun kirjutage või helistage +37256288287

Keila-Joa castle and the castle restaurant Cher Ami are temporarily closed until the 1th of May 2020.
For more information please email or call +37256288287

Замок Кейла-Йоа и ресторан Cher Ami временно закрыты до 1 мая 2020 года.
Для получения дополнительной информации пожалуйста напишите или позвоните +37256288287