Keila-Joa Loss Schloss Fall: muuseum, butiikhotell & restoran

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Knight’s Castle Keila-Joa Schloss Fall, which emerged already in the 19th century next to Keila River and one of Estonia’s most beautiful waterfall, has seen different times throughout history: it has been grand and glorious, but also forgotten… The castle’s history is a fascinating and lively snapshot of Estonian history, linking it to the mighty empires, shiny rulers and big personalities. According to the legend, it was here in 1833 that the future imperial Russian national anthem was first performed during a visit of the Russian Emperor Nikolai I.

Just 26 kilometers from Tallinn, near the sea, there is a beautiful park, which has been made unique by the Keila waterfall. Because of the falling water, the gem of this protected area was called Schloss Fall.

The castle, that was asleep like a Sleeping Beauty for decades, finally found new owners in 2010. Their dream – to awaken the Neo-Gothic style castle to a new life, became a reality three years later, when in honour of the castle’s 180th anniversary first restored former Volkonsky and Benckendorff living quarters were opened to the public. In 2016 the second floor, with luxurious suites in the style of the era, was completed. Today, Keila-Joa Schloss Fall Castle has a beautiful boutique hotel, a cozy restaurant, a museum, an exhibition hall and a wine cellar. There are many fascinating exhibitions, concerts, seminars and private events held in Keila-Joa castle.