Keila-Joa Loss Schloss Fall: muuseum, butiikhotell & restoran

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Keila-Joa Castle team is always ready to fulfil your wishes. Would you like to surprise companion with a fresh bouquet of flowers or a relaxing spa treatment? Do you need concert tickets or transport to the city? Just tell us when and what you need.

- 24h reception
- À la carte restaurant
- Free WiFi throughout the hotel
- Safe and free car park next to the castle
- Organized transfer
- Car rental with or without driver
- Upon request breakfast in the room or the terrace
- Ordering flowers
- Golf Club bookings (the nearest 18-hole golf club is 15 minutes drive away)
- Massage in the client's suite
- Spa and beauty treatments from our partner (spa centre 5 minutes drive from the castle)
- Private guide to explore the area (in Estonian, Russian, English)
- Helipad

Keila-Joa Castle reception is always happy to help you!

Hotel services

  • Transfer Tallinn-Schloss Fall Price is valid for up to 4 persons traveling from the city centre, including the port of Tallinn or Tallinn Airport, to Keila-Joa Schloss Fall Castle. The same with the return transfer. 50.00€
  • Guided tour "Castle" (1-35 persons) takes place in the main building of the castle and takes 1.5 hours. During summer, if weather permits, one part of the tour will take place, if desired, in the vicinity of the castle. Plus the castle and museum entrance ticket price according to the number of participants for the people not staying in the hotel. 50.00€
  • Classic massage Classic full body massage by a recognized and highly experienced therapists in your hotel suite. 50.00€
  • Windsurfing training Training takes place at Laulasmaa beach (5km from the castle) and provides practical knowledge of safety, windsurfing techniques, as well as the primary windsurfing experience. The training is carried out by Surfikool. 40.00€
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Keila-Joa lossi on reserveeritud 21.08 ja 22.08.2020 
Lisainfo saamiseks palun kirjutage või helistage +37256288287

Keila-Joa castle is reserved 21.08 ja 22.08.2020
For more information please email or call +37256288287

Замка Кейла - Йоа зарезервирован 21.08 ja 22.08.2020
Для получения дополнительной информации, пожалуйста, напишите: или позвоните + 372 56288287