Keila-Joa Loss Schloss Fall: muuseum, butiikhotell & restoran

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The Baltic region's oldest and most esteemed golf club Niitvälja Golf, where the game of golf is being enjoyed for the 25th season already, is only a 15 minute drive from Keila-Joa Castle! Here you can find both the full-length 18-hole Park-course, as well as five-hole PAR20 course, there are diverse practice areas, professional golf instructors and active club life. In 2016 the golf players named us Estonia's best golf centre!
18-hole Park-course is mainly characterized by natural beauty, clean forest, numerous bodies of water, all of which provide an excellent golf experience. The crown jewel of the square is the 15th track Par 5, which ends on an island green. Niitvälja has been home to the Estonian Championships and many other international competitions for years, and for 25 years to the Baltic's oldest golf tournament Niitvälja Cup, which will take place in July.

Keila-Joa Castle offers its customers a luxurious boutique accommodation in the castle with quality time at Niitvälja golf courses.

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Keila-Joa lossi on reserveeritud 21.08 ja 22.08.2020 
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Keila-Joa castle is reserved 21.08 ja 22.08.2020
For more information please email or call +37256288287

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