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Events at Keila-Joa Castle

Tickets are available in Piletilevi HERE and in Keila-Joa castle Schloss Fall. Info +372 56 288287

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EXHIBITION Alexandre Vassiliev foundation “Invitation to the Belle Epoque Ball”

“Invitation to the Belle Epoque Ball (1890 – 1914) from the collection of the Alexandre Vassiliev Foundation”

What could be more desirable and more romantic than an invitation to a ball? Especially when it comes to the ball of the Belle Epoque, where music and dance, the aroma of perfumes and the gleam of eyes, the rustle of taffeta and the flickering of glass beads, the haze of tulle and the intricate lace pattern merged together.

For the first time in Estonia, a large-scale exhibition dedicated to ballroom fashion of the late XIX – early XX centuries will open in Schloss Fall Castle in Keila-Joa. This period entered the history of culture under different names: in Germany and Latvia under the name “Jugendstil”, in Russia as “Modern”, in Italy as the style of “Liberty”, in Austria and Lithuania – as “Secession”, but in France and Belgium as “Art Nouveau”.

The fashion of this time was formed in Paris. They praised a woman with her thin wasp waist pulled into a corset, with her long mermaid hair and flowing languid movements. The fashion of this period preferred soft, pastel colors, often associated with the natural world – watery, airy, grassy and floral. In the haze of tulle and muslin, in the foam of lace and flowers of handmade embroidery, a unique image of a woman, with a curved stature and a waist with a volume of 52 cm tighten into a corset, was born.

All these nymphs and fairies of the fashion world, sometimes changed 6 times a day in dresses that required great skill not only in lacing the corset, but also in fastening all those countless and invisible to the male eye buttons and hooks that made the woman’s silhouette refined, like a drawing by Alphonse Mucha or a portrait by Gustav Klimt.

Fortunately for the contemporaries of that era, they did not experience a lack of free time. After all, most women still did not have the right to higher education, professional activity and were completely dependent on their spouse’s income, giving all the time to fashion, home and balls, which by the beginning of the 19th century had become not just a favorite pastime of these untouched by emancipation mermaids and furies, but an integral part of life of the high society.

Hundreds of designers and tailors around the world tried to cater to the discerning tastes of their aristocratic and beautiful clients with new creations in the field of this incredible genre of high fashion. Ball gowns will always cause delight and a reverent attitude, because they express and symbolize the dream of female happiness!

The exhibition “Invitation to the Belle Epoque Ball” includes more than fifty women’s dresses and men’s dress coats, hundreds of accessories – fans, bouquet holders, ball shoes and dance cards – the rarest exhibits from the collection of the Foundation of the famous fashion historian Alexandre Vassiliev, most of which are exhibited for the first time in Estonia. Dresses created by the famous European fashion houses of that historical era will show contemporary Estonian viewers magnificent fabrics, cuts, laces, embroideries and appliques.

Most of these ephemeral creations amaze the audience with their state of preservation, subtlety of handmade work and unforgettable color.

Many amazing accessories presented at the exhibition will delight the viewer with the finer details of handbags, hats and hat pins, buckles, ball dance cards, perfume bottles, fans and other now forgotten women’s trinkets that adorned life and delighted the eye. They clearly tell about the influence of the Art Nouveau style on the entire applied arts and fashion world of this period, which created so much beauty at the household level.

The exhibition space is illustrated with enlarged fashion photographs, painting portraits, furniture, and other artworks harmoniously combined with the clothes of that elegant and stylish, but irrevocably bygone period.

The exhibition is available until 30.11.2020


Beautiful music from Orthodox Singers at Schloss Fall Historical Music Hall in Keila-Joa Castle

The singers of ORTHODOX SINGERS are professional musicians who are familiar with and use the techniques of performance that are characteristic of different eras. The performance schedule of the band is full of concerts and concert tours both in Estonia and abroad. Artistic director and conductor Valeri Petrov.

One of the most well-known and professional choir ensemble “Orthodox Singers”, led by Valery Petrov, invites you to the Christmas atmosphere of the 19th century Benckendorff-Volkonsk manor.

The ensemble performs the most beautiful Christmas songs from different countries and other top works of Orthodox music.

Tickets are available HERE

“Five O’Clock Tea” Music salon

Keila-Joa Castle continues the popular Sunday music salon, where you can enjoy coffee, tea and dessert. Discover the castle and the museum and become part of spirited musical moments. Everything takes place in the historic surroundings of the castle, with beautiful views of the river and the park. You can enjoy music from known virtuosi and future talents. Famous classics as well as musical improvisations will be performed

As the music salon is very popular we ask you to specify if there are vacancies prior to the arrival.  

Tickets are available HERE


Concert “Sumedad õhtud Keila-Joa lossis”

Fascinating and glamorous vocal music concerts will feature passionate romances, arias and duets from operettas: Dostal, Kalman, Dunaevsky, Miljutin, Aleksandrov, Soloviev-Sedoi.

Maria Kondratjeva (Tallinn) – soprano, laureate of international competitions, master of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater, opera singer and president of the Georg Ots Friendship International Festival. Granddaughter of Aleksandrov. Pianist: Konstantin Odegov (Moscow) – Concertmaster of an international project.

Salon d’Opera

Spend a musical winter evening in the romantic salon of Keila-Joa Castle accompanied by wonderful opera and operetta melodies.
Performers: soprano Ille Saar, piano accompanied by pianist Pille Saar.

Ille Saar (soprano, EAMT / Milan Conservatoire) comes from a family of musicians. She started as a choir artist, collaborated with Paavo Järvi and won the Grammy Award in the Ellerhein Choir in 2004, and later participated in competitions and concerts in many parts of the world (Europe, Japan, Canada). She graduated from the singing department of G. Ots. MK 2012 (M. Eensalu kl). 2011 graduated from Ille’s bachelor’s degree in Italian language and culture at Tallinn University, headed ‘Translation History of Italian Opera Librettos staged in Estonia’. D. Monticelli. At the same time, she was studying classical singing at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater with a bachelor’s degree, graduated in 2015 as a docent. In the class of N. Kurem. 2015 she completed an Erasmus student exchange program at the G. Verdi School in Milan. Conservatoire in singing, starring in Puccini’s opera “Tosca” and “Manon Lescaut”. She continued as a 2016-2018 Italian Republic scholarship graduate student. Ille graduated from Milan Conservatoire in 2019. vocal specialty prof. Daniela Uccello in class. She has been educated by the following artists: Patanè, R. Bruson, D. Uccello, M. Formichella, G. Banditelli, G. Ravazzi, C. Rubin, H. Gjerris, N. Shetler, K. von Binzer, K. Buhl Møller, M. Shaguch. Ille has sung Mascagni’s “Peasant’s Glory” (2017, 2018), Verdi’s “Force of Destiny” (2018), and in April 2019, RO debuted at the Countess in Mozart’s “Figaro’s Wedding”. Ille has been the winner of Naan Põllu’s Young Estonia Singer Prize (2014) and Pille Lille Musician Support Fund’s Young Singer 2019 Prize. In addition to concert and theater activities, Ille has successfully represented Estonia in international competitions for young opera singers in Italy.

Pille Saar (Moscow State Conservatory / TRK) is a pianist and lecturer in piano studies at Tallinn University. She graduated from the Moscow Conservatoire in 1987 with Professor Valery Kastelsky. Pille has toured in Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal and Spain. She has also organized masterclasses in Daugavpils (Latvia), Nicosia (Cyprus), Huelva (Spain) and Pescara (Italy). She has been the piano accompanist of Estonian National Opera soloists at several concerts both in Estonia and Sweden and has been a successful pianist of numerous instrumental ensembles in many parts of Estonia and abroad. In January 2018 he performed at the concert “Estonia 100” organized by the prestigious La Scala Opera Society in Milan (Italy). She has been part of Ludwig van Beethoven’s IV Piano Concerto, Op. 58 soloists as well as soloist for the Piano Fantasy Choir and Orchestra of the same composer with the Baltic orchestras. She has won the International Piano Competition in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic (1974) and M. K. Čiurlionis. International Piano and Organ Competition in Vilnius (Lithuania). She has been educated by prof. Under the leadership of Jiri Hlinka in Stavanger (Norway) in 1999. She is currently writing her doctoral thesis on Piano Music Pedagogy at Johannes Brahms. On Brahms’s piano music, she has published articles in the scientific journals “Piano Music Pedagogy” and “Changing Face of Music Pedagogy”. In October 2019, Pille went on a concert tour in Milan, Italy, to the piano accompaniment at the International Opera Singers’ Ottavino Ziino 2019 (La Scala Theater in Milan) and Etta e Paolo Limiti (Milan, Teatro Dal Verme).

Christmas Music Festival “Church Holidays in Maryland”

Corelli Music will once again delight the audience with the 2010 Christmas Music Festival, Church Holidays in Maryland, which will offer wonderful musical experiences throughout the long holidays, from Advent 1 in early December through the end of Christmas until early January. The festival has been well received by the audience and recognized by the European Festivals Association (EFA) for its quality label “EFFE Label 2017-2018”. The patron of “Church Holidays in Maryland” is Andres Põder, President of the Estonian Council of Churches, Archbishop Emeritus.

FINAL CONCERT. Mon, 6 January 2020 at 7 pm Keila-Joa Castle Schloss Fall, Harju County
An exclusive festive romance concert to welcome the New Year and the coming Orthodox Christmas.

The Magic World of Romance
Iris Oja (mezzo soprano) and Kadri-Ann Sumera (piano)

In the ballroom of the historic noble manor there is a fascinating novel by both Estonian and Russian authors. Magnificent soloists will enjoy romances of various moods by such great figures as Mart Saar, Sergei Rachmaninov and other authors, reviving aristocratic party evenings in the former hall.

Enjoy the style and elegance of old times with great musicians!
For more information and the full Christmas festival schedule:

Manor Concert Tour

Kris Korner celebrates his 23 years as a musician, artist, singer and entertainer!

He was named by TV3 as James Brown of Estonia, and is gradually called the King of Soul Music in Estonia, or “King of Soul”, which is true because he has performed all these great soul, funk and groove hits all over the world and introduced it to the Estonian people.

Describing Kris Korner’s vocal, one should say a raw, African-American gospel style that is not unique to a white-skinned person. He has received approval from James Brown of Soul Music Raptis himself and has also worked with the New York gospel choir.

Merike Susi is literally a Musical Matriarch. Her experience of being on stage dates back to her childhood when she was involved not only in music but also in acting. The woman with Võro ​​roots has a classical piano background but has stayed true to the rhythmic music.

Musical Matriarch is the right word to describe her, she plays the piano, sings, writes songs, does producing, works as a music director and gives private music lessons.

The journey of both artists continues, and this fall Merike Sus will be on stage with Kris Korner, the Soul King. This time with only 2 pianos and powerful super voices from the artists!

There is a lot new to this tour! Musically, many songs like “Please, please, please” and “We gonna have a funky good time” and “Feel good”, only with piano solution and all those big hits “Lets stay together”, “I got the feeling” and more.

Concert “Bossa Nova – Meu Brasil”

Helin-Mari Arder is a performer, who is well-known by the song “Small sun” which she wrote. From the beginning of her singer career she has been associated with a beautiful music style, that is from Brazil. Bossa Nova is an enchanting music style that also goes well with Estonian rhydems. Helin-Mari has taken to heart to perform beautiful songs in Estonian, Portuguese and in many different languages as well. This amazing music which started thanks to Antonio Carlos Jobimile, has gathered many admirers from all over the world. The singer performs with Teet Raik on a guitar and Ara Yaralyan on the contrabass. They share her love toward bossa nova from the start of their trio. Together they have been performing for 15 years ning all over the world.  Come and see the beautiful bossa nova world!

ETV Classic Stars charity Valentines day concert

ETV TV-show Classic Stars young and bright talents are performing at Keila-Joa castle charity concert, which is organised by the Tabasalu Lions club. The performers are from all of the Clastic Stars seasons.

Performers: Auli Lonks, Ksenia Kuchukova, Katariina-Maria Kits, Pipilota Neostus, Jakob Teppo, Merike Heidelberg, Tanel-Eiko Novikov, Marten Altrov.

After the concert there will be a buffet dinner and a cake made by Greete Mölder. Music is performed by Ranno ja Markus Nurmsaare guitar duo.

Concert “Una historia di amor”/ “Love Story”

Well known Spanish and Latin love songs. Géraldine Casanova- soprano ja Oliver Kuusik- tenor. Concert series “Love Story” will continue to show the romantic journeys through magical Keila-Joa castle. This time with Spanish and Latin-American rhythms and well-known love songs.

“ With this new concert series “Una Historia di Amor”, Géraldine and Oliver will take you this time to a romantic journey through Spanish music and South american rythmes. Follow them and discover beautiful love songs accompanied by the sounds of the accordion in Keila-Joa’s Manor delicate atmosphere. “

Corelli Music concert series „Manor romance“

Corelli Music is back to bring joy with their new concert series „Manor romance“. The spring concert at the beautiful Keila-Joa castle Schloss Fall offers an unique musical experience and the opportunity to be a part of the beautiful architecture and the surrounding nature.

Manors and love – is a heart warming concert where many baroque era masterpices are performed.

Performers: soloist countertenor Ka Bo Chan
Baroque ensemble Corelli Consort era instruments:
Mail Sildos (baroque violin), Tõnu Jõesaar (viola da gamba), Robert Staak (lute)

The masterpices that will be performed are from Bach, Händel, Gluck, Vivaldi and others.

Come and be a part of the performance of historic style and elegance!
Concert is 2 hours long with one break.

Alexandre Vassiljevi näitus "Kutse Ballile"

Meil on rõõm teatada, et oleme pikendanud Alexandre Vassiljevi näitust "Kutse Ballile"
Keila-Joa loss ning muuseum on avatud E-P 11.00-18.00
Näitus on avatud kuni 30.11.2020

We are proud to announce that we have extended the Alexandre Vassiljev collection exhibition "La Belle Époque"
Keila-Joa castle and the museum are opened Mon-Sun 11.00-18.00
The exhibition is available until 30.11.2020